Back in the saddle

Having been laid up with a bad back, and housebound by the recent high winds and heavy rain it was good to get out. By back was still not up to walking, so I got on the bike and followed NCN Route 75, the cyclepath from Airdrie to Edinburgh. I had previously cycled up the route as far as Livingston, so it was all new from there on.

Pathside artwork

I noticed that some of the path side artwork has been re-installed, complete with original graffitti! no sign of the Bedrock Bike as yet.

I was glad the wind was in my favour, cycling east to west would have been murder. As it was my knees were playing up, and as you arrive at Balerno there is a steep climb, which I’d struggle with on a good day. Yesterday I got off and walked.

Heron on the Water of Leith

From Balerno into the city it was an easier journey. For much of the way it ran parallel with Lanark Road, along the Water of Leith, where I saw what appeared to be a one legged heron.

Along the union canal

The last stretch into the city follows the canal, then through the meadows, which brought me out at Greyfriars. I don’t think my knee could have taken much more, but I got the chance to relax on the train back to Drumgelloch. If you are looking for a low level ride through to Edinburgh, follow the canal from Broxburn. If you want it a bit rougher then this is ideal. I hadn’t visited areas such as the Meadows before, and I certainly fancy exploring a bit more there.



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One Response to Back in the saddle

  1. Toc says:

    I think you will find the Heron was merley resting or preening her plumage and hopefully her other leg was well and truly attached. Certain birds I have came over im my time adopt this habit and leave the Ornithologist bewildered at this “legless” state .

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