What a waste.

I was speaking to a Plains resident yesterday who opened my eyes to what is going to happen to the land to the north of Airdrie, between Plains, Caldercruix and Greengairs. After being devastated by Gillespie Mining the former opencast has been sold to a Spanish company called Covanta, who are planing on building a ‘Green Energy Centre’ (that’s an incinerator to you and me) FOUR times the size of the one currently causing controversy in Coatbridge. Covanta have an abysmal track record when it comes to pollution as you can read HERE, in particular:

  • For emitting excessive amounts of carbon monoxide from its plant at Alexandria, and for failing to submit environmental reports (2003).
  • [Repeatedly fined] for releasing excessive amounts of dioxin and other toxic emissions.
  • For  illegal emissions of toxic air pollutants in Massachusetts.
  • For toxic nickel emissions from a municipal waste incinerator in Pennsylvania (2008).
  • For failing Indiana’s particulate emissions standards.

Just what we need here in Airdrie. Still it will be handily sited, right next to the landfill site at Greengairs, which North Lanarkshire Council have recently given permission to expand.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the computer data server centre which will be sited here? Against recommendations, North Lanarkshire Council (again) voted to site this here. A huge energy consumer, it is being sited here to take advantage of the energy from the incinerator.

And that’s not to mention the windfarm…

Wheels within wheels, and North Lanarkshire Council are at the centre. While they refuse permission for a fast food takeway in Airdrie as the area in a conservation area, they go against recommendations and approve unsuitable incinerators, larger waste dumps and industrial developments in the green belt.

On the Statue of Liberty, the inscription reads; “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

Perhaps North Lanarkshire Council need a new logo?Now, where’s my gas mask?

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One Response to What a waste.

  1. Robert Murray says:

    Like the pleasant but imitation name they made up for it – ‘Green Hills’ – been up there and there aint’ anything green about the place.

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