Yer no gonnae believe this

I was recently recommended a Norwegian weather site, which I’ve found to be very good. It’s easy to understand and is a good addition to other sites such as BBC Weather or the MWIS forecast. I like to cross check these sites, not relying on any one in particular, and the more good sites there are the better. Even though it’s Norwegian it has good international coverage, making it ideal for Scotland. Why not check it out HERE.

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One Response to Yer no gonnae believe this

  1. Matt says:

    I bookmaked this site (having preset it for Cumbernauld) a few months ago, as it does look the part with all it’s fancy diagrams etc. I check it regularly when making any plans.
    I’ve found it to be mostly always wrong and very inaccurate.
    It’s annoyed me so much I had to come back on here and tell you.
    I feel much better now 🙂

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