Ryanair- Robbing, unhelpful B@5TARDS!

Not really anything to do with hillwalking, but if you are ever thinking of flying with this pathetic excuse for an airline, the last word in unhelpfulness and obstinacy, think again. This morning saw Ryanair trouser hundreds of pounds on an unused flight while my step-daughter was held at the check in gate. An emergency booking last night meant that she was unable to print off her boarding passes. Ryanair will do so, at FORTY EUROS for an A4 sheet of paper… per person! As she was short of cash we transferred money into her account, only for her to realise that her card was missing. Ryanair insisted they would only take a payment from her card- even though it was lost. A call to Ryanair customer services confirmed that I could pay. Problem was, no-one at Check in would take the call, as it hadn’t been authorised by customer services. Back on to customer services, I tried five or six times, getting cut off each time. Eventually I spoke to ‘Bogdan’ who confirmed I could pay the check in directly, gave me the number of the check in desk at Tenerife South- 0034 922 759 693 if you ever need it, where I spoke to Edward. This was the one who had refused to take my calls, now he refused to take the payment as Bogdan hadn’t put a note on the file. Despite my best efforts Ryanair had blocked me at every turn. The flight took off, my step-daughter wasn’t on board.

I called back, this time to ‘Diana’ who was obviously a product of the worlds worst charm school. “It’s your own fault”, “My colleague did not say that at all”. On asking if I could hear or obtain a copy of the phone transcript (calls are recorded) I was told no, she could listen, but I could not. Eventually I was passed on to Bogdan, who said he would check with Edward to find out what had happened, as because a note was already on the file he couldn’t add another- that explained that. By this time I had managed to record some of the call myself, something I’d recommend you do with any call you make to this shower.

I gave Bodgan my mobile number, and he promised he would call back within 10 minutes. Six hours later I’m still waiting…

All in all I can’t highlight enough what a disjointed and obstructive bunch this is. No one on the company seems willing to help, nor do they seem able to phone anyone else within the company. Nor will they return calls. If you are still thinking of booking a flight with Ryanair, I suggest you contact a psychiatrist. Or read THIS website, which has some interesting things to say about Ryanair.

Happy flying!


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