Plains Right of Way News

Some time back I saw an article in the Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser warning that a lane between Moffat View and Ballochney Road in Plains was threatened with closure due to anti-social behaviour. I contacted local councillors Tommy Morgan and Sophia Coyle, to point out that the path was in fact a public right of way, and Cllr Morgan was good enough to get back to me and invite me to a meeting about the future of the lane.

Starting in late July/early August a programme of works to improve the lane will commence, including fencing, reallignment and laying of a gravel path, along with landscaping  works. Anti vehicle barriers will also be fitted to prevent motorbikes and quad bikes tearing up the new path. Apparently the council have planned the clearance of much of the vegetation from the area, giving direct CCTV coverage of the path as well. Should this work go well the future of the path will be secured for years to come.

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