The hills are alive…

I was up in the Cairngorms last week, taking in the Munros of Tom Buidhe and Tolmount. In fact the weather was so good I added on Cairn of Claise and if the light hadn’t been going I’d have happily added on Carn an Tuirc.

View to Loch Callater

This was a truly outstanding day, both for weather and for wildlife, and I have never seen so many hares on one days walk- at least 60! Frogs, newts, deer, ptarmigan, snow buntings, the hills were teeming with life. To top it all off the daddy of them all, a golden eagle, which sat watching us from a crag for about twenty minutes before flying off.


The icing on the cake was the walk back in the dark, with the stars coming out with a display which made me dizzy just looking at them and a bright orange shooting star trailing across the sky before dying out. Simply stunning. I will of course do a full walk report on the ‘Beyond Airdrie’ section when time allows. Unfortunately work beckons…

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