Blackhouse Bridge Update

Over the last week I have received a number of letters and emails from most of the Councillors in the Airdrie South area and both Karen Whitefield MSP and Alex Neil MSP. In particular Councillor David Fagan has been very helpful in keeping me up to date with what is going on with the bridge.

From what I have been told demolition of the bridge is not yet imminent, as the work must still go to tender and contracts have yet to be drawn up. This should allow some breathing space. In the meantime in addition to the fences at both sides of the bridge, fencing will be erected to stop anyone going below the bridge. With election time upon us it is possible that you may bump in to one of the local councillors, or the candidates for Airdrie MSP. If you do it may be worth mentioning your concerns and getting your point across face to face, to let them know just how concerned people are about saving this bridge and the right of way that relies upon it.

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5 Responses to Blackhouse Bridge Update

  1. Stuart says:

    Work has now started on the bridge but it’s still unclear as to which option NLC has taken (remove or repair,) 7 large H-beams and concrete road barrier type blocks have been delivered and moved by massive JCB down what was a footpath and placed next to the river Calder at it’s junction with the Shotts burn so it looks like either some type of repair or alternative has been planned. All work has been executed via Caldervale St, Gartness with a massive rut being cut from there to below Blackhouse bridge – zero care for the country side, It is like a scene from the Amazon rainforest clearance and without serious funding will take years to recover, NLC have to be called in to see the destruction and explain their actions and plans for the bridge/access routes in full. Is their intention to repair or remove the old bridge, is a new crossing to Petersburn planned and will the access route used by the diggers to be repaired or left to recover naturally.

  2. Stuart says:

    Diack and Macaulay Ltd are doing the work OR as thier web site says…Diack and Macaulay Ltd, established in 1983, is a civil engineering company, specialising in civil engineering projects, bridge works, and highway safety fencing contracts for our clients.

    The company is a family run business and strive to carry out our contracts to a high standard and within the allotted time scale. Our recent clients include:
    •Bear Scotland / Transport Scotland
    •North Lanarkshire Council
    •East Dunbartonshire Council
    •West Lothian Council
    •Argyll and Bute Council
    •Raynesway Construction Ltd
    •Tarmac National Contracting Ltd
    •Lanarkshire Welding Company ltd
    •Inverclyde Council
    •East Ayrshire Council
    •Scottish Track Renewals Company

  3. jester1970 says:

    I’ve been away on holiday but I’ll try and visit the site soon and see what’s happening before contacting Alex Neil again.

  4. STUART says:

    As this is a NLC project I think Alex Neil may be held at arms lenth by the council. They have been very uncooperative with him in the past. Party politics come first at NLC.

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