Keep on dumping

Dumped rubbish- two minutes drive from the dump at Damacoulter!

There is a lot of ‘dumb dumping’ in this area, and I noticed many of the sites which had repeated instances has signs on them warning of hidden CCTV cameras being used to catch offenders.

For many councils, such as in Oxford,  this is a successful method of capturing fly-tippers, and word soon gets about that people are being prosecuted. A freedom of information request to North Lanarkshire Council has revealed that in the year 2009/10 there were 140 fixed penalty notices issued for fly-tipping, however there were no prosecutions brought on the basis of evidence obtained by CCTV. Neither would they confirm that any cameras were fitted at all. Draw your own conclusions but it appears to me that the signs put out by NLC are a false deterrant, which as you can see by the picture don’t work. The message is clear, ignore the signs and carry on dumping! Incidentally as the fly tippers have thrown the rubbish over the fence the council won’t lift it- it’s now on private property. So if you are a fly tipper, be a responsible one and dump your rubbish at the roadside- it’ll get picked up eventually. Where’s the sarcastic smiley when you need it?

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