Gartness/Monks Glen Estate- Bridge Update

I have received a reply from Graham MacKay of North Lanarkshire Council to Councillor John Love regarding the proposed closure of Blackhouse Bridge (see below). He estimates that it would cost in the region of £300,000 to repair the bridge, and for that reason he deems it should be demolished as soon as possible, and no replacement is being contemplated.  Having contacted all the councillors in the area I have received supportive replies, and indeed Cllr David Fagan has contacted my voicing his concerns and has requested to Mr MacKay that no action be taken regarding the bridge until he can meet with the provost and the people concerned within the roads department.

Looking at the state of the bridge I cant help but think that the ‘repairs’ a few years back, when the parapet walls were not replaced, affected the structural integrity of the bridge and allowed this movement inwards. There are ways of repairing this and preventing further movement, such as this masonry arch which has been stabilised by supports and strengthening walls.

Supported masonry arch on railway viaduct, near Broxburn.

Letter from NLC- Side 1


page 2

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One Response to Gartness/Monks Glen Estate- Bridge Update

  1. Didn’t know about this, tragic and well done for trying to save it 🙂 I have also added it to Airdrie Past and Present for next Friday’s edition of The Airdrie Voice…

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