New Wind Turbine Applications

There have been a number of applications for erecting wind turbines in the Airdrie and Coatbridge area in the last few weeks. These can be found online at North Lanarkshire Council Eplanning, or in the Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser,  and these are detailed here:

Gartverrie Farm, Coatbridge – Single Turbine

Greengairs Landfill, Greengairs. – Windfarm

There is an application for the installation of a temporary meteorological  mast at Upperton, Longriggend, to be found HERE. These masts are usually a sign of a forthcoming wind turbine development, and indeed inspection of the application reveals it is being made on behalf of a company called Your Energy. This company are holding public meetings to discuss their plans in late march. Dates and venues are:

Wednesday 30th March, 1000-1230, Caldercruix Community Centre 

Wednesday 30th March, 1900-2130, Greengairs Village Hall

Thursday 31st March, 1530-2000, St Davids and Plains Primary Campus, Plains.

There is also an application concerning placing an advertising display on an existing wind turbine at Braidenhill Farm, Coatbridge.

Objections can be made in writing by mail or online and should be relevant to the turbine site. Items which are of some relevance include disturbance to birdlife or bats, proximity to roads and rights of way, noise to neighbouring properties and interference with signal transmission and reception. Objections saying “I don’t like windfarms” generally aren’t successful!

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