Annieshill Woodland

The car park at Annieshill Woodland, between Plains and the Lilly Loch, has been closed. The gates have been locked and parking for walkers here is now roadside only. I contacted Premier Woodlands who manage the woods and was told that due to fire lighting, fly-tipping and illegal off road motorcycling the car park had been closed and will not be reopened. Foot access is not affected and it is hoped that a proper access gate for walkers can be fitted in the near future, as this route is a core path.

Fly-tipping at Annieshill

If you do notice rubbish which has been dumped at the roadside you can contact Northline on 01698 403200 and have it uplifted. If the rubbish has been dumped over the fence the council will not remove it, so you may have to place it tidily at the roadside for collection.

On a positive note the road surface from Stepends to Annieshill is being replaced. It is apparently untrue that one of the potholes there was to be used to hold the sailing events for the 2014 Commonwealth games. These will of course be held in a pothole in Motherwell.

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2 Responses to Annieshill Woodland

  1. R Grant says:

    Was interested to read this. I walk through Annieshill Woodland regularly and used this car park – however it was a real mess. There is still space to park cars on the road near the gates which is what I now do.

  2. jester1970 says:

    On a positive note Stepends Road was in the process of being resurfaced last week. It was long overdue as it was in a terrible condition. It’s unfortunate that the car park is closed down just as the road gets fixed, but as you say you can park on the verges.

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