Off the map and on to the ground

After being laid up with flu and all that goes with it I finally got the chance to walk the route for tomorrows walk, and it’s a great mix of rights of way, core paths and open land.

We’ll be starting from the Community Centre in Salsburgh and heading north across the motorway along the right of way (SM18) to the recently replaced signposts, before heading north east to Mountcow. From here it’s across rough country to the trig point at the transmitters, before continuing across SM16 to the Lilly Loch. Path SM16 (Mountcow to Lilly Loch) is the one which is unsignposted, and consequently not so well used. This is the path we want to eventually re-establish and re-signpost.

We will then head to the south of the Lilly Loch, and along the crags of the Moffat Hills, before heading round the loch and picking up path SM15 to Wester Bracco. From here we’ll head round to Tipperdavie, then back to the signposts at the junction of SM17/18. We can then head directly back to Salsburgh, or take a diversion, along SM17 before heading back.

The total distance is around 9 miles, there is rough ground to cover and some fences to cross. If you are up for that we’ll see you in the morning.

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