A view from a hill

I was up at Blackhill about 7.30 this morning for a walk up to the trig point. Lots of mist made for some interesting views and good photos, and there was a good few birds around, with good views of buzzards, grouse and a kestrel.

Buzzard and Meikle Bin at Blackhill

I was trying to get a few bearings on Ben More but it was only just visible in the haze and a bit more with X30 binoculars. I used the new sighting compass I bought, a copy of the American army issue compass. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem too reliable, as it seems to take forever to settle, and bearings on the same hill were differing by 30-40 mils. Perhaps a waste on the bearings front, but the walk and the views were worth it.

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2 Responses to A view from a hill

  1. Colin Campbell says:

    Met you on the west highland way on March 1st. Hope your photos are as spectacular as the website. I also know Norbert Grant as we used to stay beside him in airdrie. Cheers

  2. jester1970 says:

    Good to meet you Colin. It’s a small world, what are the chances of going to a lesser climbed hill on a midweek and meeting someone who lives 5 minutes away? I got some good photos yesterday and I’ll be posting them soon.
    All the best,

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