Rights of Way- Why Bother?

I was asked recently why I’m bothering trying to protect rights of way when we now have the land reform act. While the land reform act is a wonderful thing it has limitations.

This path is a right of way, giving it a bit more protection from actions like the above than unrecorded paths. You could be using a path to get from one place to another for years and one day it’s gone, blocked off and unuseable. This may not be a major problem to some, it may mean a long detour at best, but if a path has been used as a right of way you should try and have it recorded as such.

Shortly after the above photo was taken the gates were removed. If you do see a path which you think should be a right of way, contact Scotways for advice. It may already be one and is unmarked, and you just don’t know yet, and if you see a path or right of way blocked by building works, fences, locked gates or any other ingenious method used by some land-owners, inform the local authority access officers. If you can, give them a grid reference or location, a description of the problem and if possible photographs.

You can contact Scotways at www.scotways.com

Local Authority Access Officers can be found using the Scottish Outdoor Access Code website, at: http://www.outdooraccess-scotland.com/help-and-information/contact-la-officer/

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