At last- Lancet Edge

It can be frustrating trying to organise a weekend away, especially with other people. Times, transport, tents and more have to be coordinated. I had volunteered to lead a series of walks over two days in the Culra Bothy area with Glasgow HF Outdoor Club. No sooner had the programme gone to print than the devastating news broke that the bothy had been found to contain asbestos, and was closed, except for emergency use. A few club members had been interested in attending, but had to drop out in the run up, leaving one confirmed, plus a few guests. To put the cherry on top, not only had me knee flared up, but my back had decided to come out in sympathy.

Full trip report here: At last- Lancet Edge.

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Leven To Elie (Fife Coastal path) and Chain Walk

Davidd and Robert, followed by Jamie's MCofS group

David and Robert, followed by Jamie’s MCofS group

Just over thirty of us headed up to Fife on the coach, and three walks were to take place, a shorter walk from Largo to Elie, and two longer walks of around 10 miles from Leven to Elie. I was leading one of these which was to include Scotland’s Via Ferrata, the Elie Chain Walk. Even though I was leading this I had never walked the whole way, having only did sections at either end. The short section from Dumbarnie Links to the start of the Chain Walk was to me, as yet a mystery.

Full walk report here: Leven To Elie (Fife Coastal path) and Chain Walk.

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BMC Citystreamer CS01 XT Hybrid Bike Review

BMC Bike (14)It became apparent late last year that my old hybrid bike. It was starting to squeek and groan to such an extent that earplugs were looked at to wear while riding it.

I decided to take advantage of the Cycle To Work scheme, which allows you to pick up a bike and save on the tax. One bike which had caught my eye was the BMC Citystreamer. A traditional style frame, no suspension and a luggage carrier ticked all the boxes for me. With all the paperwork done I had a short wait then I could collect it.

Full review HERE


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Back in the Chain Gang.

I’ve not been out and about much these last few months. I did manage a wee walk last month, back to The Fara at Dalwhinnie. I didn’t think I’d have any use for the winter gear at all after my knee injury, so it was a great feeling to be up high and in the snow. I opted for the straight up and down route this time, playing it safe with my knee, and all went well. Strong winds saw me digging a snow scrape and coorieing doon to get the stove going. It’s surprising just how enjoyable that can be.

Since then it’s been mostly positive, with the odd setback. A few painful days here and there, and I have to be careful about not overdoing things.

Next week sees me leading my first walk of the year for Glasgow HF Outdoor Club, Leven to Elie on the Fife Coastal path. This will include the Chain Walk. New members to the club are always welcome, and the coach is a very reasonable £10.



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Culra Bothy Closed

I’ve only just heard the terrible news that Culra Bothy has been closed with immediate effect:

Culra is a fantastic place which is on of my all time favourite bothies, a real home from home. I was hoping to be visiting there soon as I’m leading a walk there in May with Glasgow HF Outdoor Club. Hopefully a solution can be found which doesn’t involve the complete demolition of this iconic bothy.

Lancet Edge and Culra Bothy

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Rambling again…

It’s been some time since I posted on here. It’s hard to write about your hillwalking and outdoors experiences when you aren’t actually doing anything.

On 1st January I managed to climb a small hill overlooking Killin and Loch Tay, and on 6th January I joined a few other members of Glasgow HF Outdoor Club on a snowy and wind battered Tinto to blow away the New Year cobwebs. Coming back down the hill I began to develop a pain in my left knee. As some of you who have read a few of my reports may be aware, this isn’t the first time I’ve had knee pain on the hills, but to experience it after only a short walk was worrying. It became even more concerning when it lingered, and lingered…

A visit to the doctors revealed nothing, so off I went to have the knee x-rayed. Frustratingly nothing was found. Having suffered a bad back for years which physiotherapy done wonders for, I contacted the NHS to be referred for physio. I had to wait a few weeks, but after only 5 minutes of my first visit I was diagnosed with Patellofemoral joint disfunction.

I’ve been given a series of stretching exercises, and things are slowly improving. I’ve now managed a few short walks and some light running. This winter has been a write off, but I’m hopeful that things are looking up, and I have my first big test this Thursday when I lead a walk for Glasgow HF Outdoor Club on the Airdrie 5 Lochs Trail. If all goes well I’ll be over the moon.

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The Sunlit Summit- Robin Lloyd Jones

I first became aware of WH “Bill” Murray around about the time of the release of his final book, The Evidence Of Things Not Seen, where he looked back over some of the stand out points in his life. Completed after his death, it covered his introduction to climbing, his capture by the Germans and his life changing time as a prisoner of war in WW2, and his expeditions to the Himalaya in the post war years. I often find that it can be worthwhile looking at things from another perspective, and The Sunlit Summit by Robin Lloyd Jones does that admirably.

Full review here:

The Sunlit Summit- Robin Lloyd Jones.

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